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Partnerships to Uplift Communities believes every child deserves the highest quality education. PUC’s 3 Commitments speak to the heart of the organization and guide all decisions in support of our mission and vision to prepare all students for high school and college success, and career readiness.
In alignment to our commitments, PUC Schools implement instructional programs anchored in developing our students as scholars, citizens, and agents of change. Our instructional program focuses on rigorous and culturally relevant learning experiences anchored in literacy across all subjects. Students are developed as critical thinkers and strong readers and writers, that will be equipped for the demands of college. At PUC, the instructional program is also focused on advancing students in numeracy, moving beyond computation, and expanding student learning into problem solving, reasoning, and real-world application. Students are also developed as scientist, where learning is driven by inquiry, data analysis, problem solving, and innovative thinking that will in turn support them in their future careers. In order to develop students as citizens, history instruction is focused on making meaning of past and current events, societal development, and the impact of change and evolution in society. Students make meaning of the world and develop their voices through reading and writing about history.
PUC believes that the Visual and Performing Arts are critical to the whole child’s development. Instruction in the arts includes exposure to all the arts, theory and practice, while still creating opportunities for concentrations in areas students are most passionate about. Our instructional programs are also complemented by media literacy and integration of technology. Multiple blended learning programs further enhance and provide differentiated support in literacy and numeracy through computer adaptive programs that align to each child’s individual needs. As part of PUC’s mission, all students are taught scholarly habits and dispositions that are critical to academic, social, and emotional well-being. PUC believes in educating the whole-child, and scholarly habits are deeply embedded into our instructional programs.